Recommended hair clippers for men.

Recommended hair clippers for men.

What makes a good hair clipper?

Even though this question may be given the typical answer or by stating what we want such devices to have, like power, durability, good design, and value for money, a lot may depend on its intended use. For use at home, we may look for a hair clipper with portability, user-friendliness and easy maintenance; professionals may look for corded clippers with good motor power, precise cuts and a variety of accessories that comes with it. Considering the different requirements for home and professional use, we compile lists of recommended hair clippers for men. Keep reading to know the best clippers available today.


Recommended hair clippers for home use


Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

The Oster Fast Feed is not only the top clipper for home use but also a very strong contender for the professional-use category. This powerful clipper comes with a super quiet pivot motor suitable for any hair length or thickness. You can use it at full power for a long time without fear of it getting uncomfortably hot. The powerful pivot motor is supplied power by an 8-foot long industrial cord that is long
enough for any use.


Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

The Wahl Color Pro carries a price tag of under 20 dollars that almost doesn’t do justice to its class and quality.It features specially ground, self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades and a powerful motor that gets power supply through a 6-foot long, high-quality cord. In the kit are included 11 color-coded combs that correspond to different color setting on the device that you can adjust according to the length and thickness of your hair.


Remington HC4250 Shortcut Clipper Pro Haircut Kit

With a size that comfortably fits in your hand, this is the smallest complete hair cutting kit in the world. It comes with combs for various hair length that you can just slip on, and the rest is as easy as combing your hair. Inside the small housing is a powerful motor that does the job efficiently. The HC4250 also has a washable port and you can just rinse off hair under a tap.


Recommended hair clippers for professional use


Andis Improved Master Professional Clipper

A powerful magnetic motor of the Andis Improved Master is housed in a durable aluminum casing that keeps the motor cool for prolonged periods. The motor of the Andis Improved Pro is
surprisingly quiet for a magnetic motor and is perfect for cutting all types of hair with its adjustable high-carbon steel trimmers.


Wahl Professional 5-star Balding Clipper

The sharp blade of the Wahl Professional is powered by an electromagnetic motor that gets its power from an 8-foot long industrial-grade power cord. This powerful clipper is an ideal choice for giving that perfectly smooth cut or shave. It also carries an affordable price tag and offers good value for money.


Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

With the quiet and powerful motor of the Classic, you can cut hair for a whole day and it would still feel like brand new blades have just been fitted on. It comes with a 9-foot long heavy-duty power cord that minimizes the needs for power extensions. You would most likely not complain about the 7-inches long body and weight of over a pound once you see the precision, durability, and functionality of the Oster Classic 76.


These are the best and the most recommended hair clippers for men that are available today. Seeing their qualities and reputations, I bet it would be hard to take their places for some time to come.…